Gulur Ganesha

         Gulur is a small village in Tumkur district. Gulur, along with Kaidala formed the erstwhile Kridapura. This place is famous for its unique way of celebration of the Ganapathi festival, especially among the locals. Currently, the temple is under renovation .
        According to the priest , there  lived a poor brahmana whose difficulties were only increasing with time . One day in his dream, Lord Ganesha appeared and was told by him to perform his puja and he would be relieved of all  problems. But he didn't know how perform the puja . So he tried to gather information on how to perform the puja . During this, he met Sage Agastya, who was travelling from South to North and had halted in this village. He explained all his problems and also told him about his dream. Sage Agastya helped him perform the puja, the ways of which is followed even today.
        The sage first asked him to collect clay from the nearby  lake from which they made an idol of Ganesha which was about 8-9ft tall and performed rigorous puja to the Lord continuously for about 30 days. Later, the idol was immersed in the lake. The Brahmana was relieved of all his problems  after performing this puja. Since then, he continued to perform the puja  every year. Even today, during Ganesha festival , they make the idol from the clay of the  nearby lake. The puja begins on the day of Bali Padyami (Deepavali) and continues for about one month. The annual jatra is held on the third day after the completion of the Karthika Masa .
Temple under renovation
Pillar opposite to the temple entrance
Sculptures and the Sun and the Moon signs on the pillar
Side view of the temple
Lord Ganesha (final touch up is going on) 
There is a permanent idol of Lord Ganesha and Sage Agastya in the temple. There is a pillar opposite the temple entrance and sculptures of Lord Ganesha , Nandi and an Elephant .

Directions from Bangalore: Bangalore - Tumkur NH4 - Via bypass to Gubbi - Left near Maralur Lake towards Kunigal  - left  near Gulur circle
Distance: About 80 kms 

The temple is maintained by a local trust .  
Trip dates : 19th Sept and 6th Nov, 2010
Places to visit around : Gubbi , Tumkur , Kaidala , Chelur and many more.


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  6. Very interesting legend behind the Ganesh pooja in the village.

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  12. Thanks for the information teamsquare and there is a correction in the address "Via bypass to Gubbi - Left near Gulur Lake towards Kunigal" i.e. not gulur lake it is Maralur lake.

  13. this is my native place...i love my native & miss my place

  14. I have been there a couple of times...its really a gr8 place....We used to walk down from Tumkur to Gulur but now we have bus services... ;-)

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