Friday, February 6, 2015

Bangara Kusuma Falls, Shimoga

The Waterfalls 
During one of our waterfall explorations, we were in search of MM falls located somewhere near Gerusoppa. After enjoying the Apsarakonda falls, we headed towards Shimoga in search of MM falls. On the way, we sighted a small board put up by the Karnataka Forest Department directing towards 'Bangara Kusuma Falls'. We immediately forgot about the falls we were in search of and decided to explore the current BK Falls. We parked our vehicle and started to walk, following the directions as per the sign board and in no time reached a small beautiful waterfall. We had to trek down a while to reach the falls. While we were enjoying the falls, suddenly the top tiers of the falls caught our attention! Only then did we realize that we were probably at the bottom most tier and there was much more to explore.
The Path 
Bottom Tier 
Hereon we moved towards exploring the upper tiers of the falls and reached a Y junction. At the junction was a direction board which unfortunately was fallen on the ground and wasn't fixed right. We had to choose between the two routes and taking a right, we walked for a while until we reached a small stream that lead us to another tier, probably the mid-tier of the falls. We spent a good time here and looked out for any paths leading to the upper tiers. Though the upper tier was visible, it was quite far away and there was no clear route to reach the same. Due to time constraints we had to forgo any further exploration as we also had to head towards searching the MM falls.
Bangara Kusuma Falls


  1. To begin with, I love the T.S. Eliot quote!! A favorite for a very long time!! And all of your captures are awesome!! What a gorgeous place!! I do love waterfalls!! Thank you so much for sharing the beauty!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I'm already looking forward to the photos of your next trip!!!

  2. I love exploring woods like this. Loved the first shot. Must be a great experience. I went to hike and was following a trail, later I went off route and found a frozen lake. It was a wonderful experience.

  3. Beautiful place. Good photos and nice write-up. I like first photo

    thanks tgs

  4. I have seen this falls as in the first photo, but not been to its base. Thanks for sharing this. Wonderful images!

  5. Captivating falls,lovely low clouds and dense green landscape all around. The blue dragon fly is beautiful !

  6. This was a wonderful waterfall find, and I'm glad you were able to visit two of the tiers. Your photos are wonderful. I like the dragonfly as well as the 'mood' of your first picture.

  7. Wonderful post.
    I had seen this falls many times while travelling on this road. Never went near it.

  8. so beautiful! I love waterfalls.

  9. Beautiful captures and narration

  10. OMG! Such a heavenly place!
    Great captures.

  11. Beautiful shots. So lush and green.

  12. "Dear Dhiraj and Amrutha!
    You guys are doing a wonderful job and I think you’re hobby is quenching my thirst for travel. I can picture both of you holding hands and walking the wild trail to see the jaunty waterfall in the misty mountains. Keep up this wonderful work guys. Do share it with us."


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