Thursday, December 22, 2016

Paparajanahalli Fort, Antaragange Kolar

 Though the fort of Paparajanahalli was within a striking distance from the hill range of Antaragange, we missed exploring it every time we were around Antaragange. Thus one day, I finally decided to explore this place and started early in the morning. A vague estimate of distance to this place would be around 8 km from home, which would make it  a 16 km trek on completion.  The initial walk from home was across the national highway which then merged with narrow winding roads leading to Antaragange. A kilometer's walk hereon took me to a hiking trail to this hill and I promptly took a deviation towards this route and continued my climb. After an ascent of around 15 minutes, I reached the Therahalli temple, a very beautiful temple indeed which we had visited earlier during one of our journeys around this place.
Elvis Stone 
Therahalli Temple Antaragange
Mahagopuram, Therahalli
Therahalli Temple Antaragange Kolar
Lord Shiva Temple Complex, Therahalli 
Without spending much time here, I headed towards Paparajanahalli, still following the hiking trail and reached a place from where the route seemed to vanish. Fortunately, a shepherd who passed by informed me about the Pandava caves located close by and gave directions to reach Paparajanahalli. After paying visit to the Pandava caves, I got down and started walking along the roadway to reach Paparajanahalli. On inquiring about the fort at Paparajanahalli, a joyous lady directed me towards the fort. The real trek had just begun. As I gradually gained elevation, portions of the fortification  became visible.
Interesting War Sculpture with Elephants and Horse
A Green Locust
Probably The Fort Entrance 
Fort Wall 
Ruined Rampart
 On my way to the hill top, I met a shepherd who engaged me in a conversation and found me stupid as I had come all the way and all alone to this place. I smiled and moved on. Though not much of  the fortification remains, it is quite evident that a big and grand fort once existed here. After a thorough exploration covering all parts of the hill, I rested for a while at a nice spot and satisfied my hunger with the food I carried in one go. The views from atop the hill  were enchanting. I had to get back home as the weather got warmer. The whole experience was worthwhile.  
Skillfully Executed Stone Uimbrella
A water Pond on the Top of the Fort
Hills of Antaragange
Bird Eyes View of Kolar Town

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  1. Liked the mahagopuram reminds me of a temple tower near Trichy ,exactly it appears like this. Elvis stone is also unique

  2. Wonderful shots. Great tour of the place.

  3. Nice to know about this fort at Antaragange.

  4. Beautiful shots.. nice tour place

  5. Interesting place. I really liked the effort you took to reach the place !

  6. Really wonderful !! Interesting place to visit

  7. Picture of the post though... The green locust!
    No seriously, nice pictures, nice post, enjoyed it. Have a great day!


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